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Will my web site be shut off for SPAM?
That all depends on you.  ZipSender is NOT to be used for spamming and is NOT a proxy mailer.  If you use proper lists and send within proper guidelines you should not have a problem.   However for legal reasons we can never promise that as I am sure you understand because once the mailer is out of our hands, we have no control on how it is used.
Is ZipSender a proxy mailer or anonymous?
No.  ZipSender does not use proxies and is not anonymous.  There is no need to be anonymous if you send within can spam compliant guidelines.
How many emails can I send out a day?
That all depends on your host company and you.  You can set the mailer to send out 1 email every second or two or three seconds etc.  Usually the norm is 1 email every 3 seconds which is @ 20,000 a day.
Why does ZipSender work better than auto-responder systems that send out emails?
Most systems like that have dozens or hundreds of people all sending from the same host which in most cases black lists that ISP from any email getting to that destination server.  Have you ever tried to "seed" your email in your list and never get the test?  That's exactly what happened.  It was blocked or it went to the spam/bulk folder.  We can not promise that this will not happen with ZipSender BUT because the hosted site you are on is "fresh" and has not been tagged or blacklisted the chances of your legit emails getting to it's destination increases.
The other factor is that ZipSender customizes each email with specific information from your list which makes each email look different.  See video
How long does it take to set up?
Usually in 24-48 hours.  Sometimes only a few hours.  It all depends on how fast you do the following.
1. Get a domain name.  A cheap registration company is www.URLComplete.com
2. Pay for the hosting of your choice.  ZipSender does not work on every type of server.  We recommend one that we know it works which is $10 per month.  We will provide that information when you order.
3. Change the DNS to wherever you are hosting.  This is easy and can be done wherever you registered the domain name.  This will be given to you by whatever company you choose to host with.
4. Send us the log in information from the hosting company and we will install it for you.
Are there any ongoing fees?
Not from ZipSender.  The only additional fees are for the domain name registration and hosting the domain.  This is usually less that $20 total.  The hosting is normally @ $10 a month on average.
What do I get for the Pro Reseller Package?
You get the script for ZipSender as well as the videos used to tell people how it works and a certificate of Resale Rights.  You can sell it for whatever you want but we recommend staying at the same prices we have.  You keep 100% of the money.  Sweet!
How many people/emails/data can I load at one time to ZipSender?
We recommend no more than 5,000 at a time.  Then reload when the send is complete.
Do I have to keep my browser open while sending?
Yes.  If you close the browser it will stop the sending process.

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